A long time since last posting!

Well it is now February 2019… lots of water has passed under several bridges since I last posted anything on this site.

I still do a little bit of radio – mainly from the home of RAFARS (IOM) in Foxdale (the former IOMARS shack which they ditched after a disagreement with both myself and the property owner).

Anyway, moving on πŸ™‚ I will hopefully be back on air later this year – no promises though!! I have several projects on the go which are taking up a lot of my time. I’ve also gone back to riding motorcycles after a 27 year break… hopefully that will keep me out of trouble!!

On a positive note my health is much improved. Lifestyle has changed dramatically, and I no longer have to take the meds that I was on. Things are definately looking up.

That’s all for now – keeping it brief (because I can)

73 to all my friends πŸ˜‰ DC

Winter is coming….

It’s been a while since I posted anything as there has been a lot going on at home. I have recovered from being seriously ill, although I don’t think I will be quite the same again due to some drastic changes I have had to make.

Onward and upward from here on πŸ™‚

IOMARS are still being very silly, the latest in their saga is moving out of John Churchill House in Foxdale as it was insecure… What they failed to tell members is the real reason – Richard Wernham made it abundantly clear that the shack was available to all amateurs… that includes me! Apparently I am an “undesirable” in the eyes of IOMARS. What can I say? Do I look bothered? (the answer is no!)

Anyway every cloud has a silver lining… it leaves the facility in a state of emptiness, but I’m sure that it won’t be for long πŸ™‚ Watch this space and maybe a few things will happen – that’s all I’ll say for now, for fear of breaking someones rules (hahaha)

73 DC

It gets better and better… or not!

I have just found out that all members of IOMARS have been advised that I have been thrown out of the club for breaking the rules. Interestingly enough – even I don’t know what rules the are referring to!

Sad, pathetic and nasty are a few of the words I could describe this as. Maybe a trip to one of my several highly qualified legal friends is called for… or maybe I just not waste my time on such a bunch of losers…

Maybe I should start listing my reasons for resigning from the Committee back in January and naming publicly the people and my reasons? I wonder how that would go down?

As this is a “blog” it is of course my opinion, of which I am fully entitled. IOMARS Committee seem to think otherwise – well, as I am no longer a member of there special little club as long as my facts are correct (and trust me they will be) then so be it.

I will ponder for a while and maybe write more when my head isn’t spinning. The combination of prescription drugs and being seriously ill during our cruise isn’t too good at the moment.



Well I arrived home from a two week cruise of the Baltic States aboard the Thomson Celebration to be greeted to a cheque… IOMARS have revoked my membership.

This came as no surprise, as I know there are several people on the Committee that wanted me kicked out as I seemed to have upset them with a previous comment here in March, one which I still stand by too!

The Committee have once again proved that they have no idea how a club should be run. Several committee members have been almost fanatical about me explaining myself… for what? The the tack changed to “you say you want no part in club activities, therefore you are contradicting the constitution…” the fact that there is nothing in the constitution that states that a member MUST attend any or all events seems to have slipped their minds.

It is also interesting that my wife has been kicked off the IOMARS Facebook page, a group page which encourages all people to join whether a member of the Society or not. I wonder why this is? It could be because there is a very twisted and bitter member on the committee that thinks it is unfair that she passed foundation licence – who knows?

The letters I have been sent by the club make very interesting reading – even with the spelling mistakes and poor grammar. I will scan them in and load them on here for people to make their own mind up about what has happened.

Does this all bother me? Absolutely not!! Do I lose anything by not being a member? Nothing at all. As I used to organise most of the Special Event Stations, meetings and visits then no, I actually gain more free time to myself.

A very sad bunch of individuals with some very strange ideas of how to encourage people into radio and keep old members. No wonder IOMARS has lost so many members over the years if this is the type of people that run “The Club’. A flexible constitution to be used as and when it suits.



Middle of Summer!

Well that’s TT Week over (www.iomtt.com) and now back to normal on the islands roads. back to work for me too, after all I’m cruising soon so better put some work time in πŸ™‚

I’ve actually had quite a productive weekend… a few jobs ticked off my list – it still hasn’t got much shorter though. I have finally completed (well, nearly!) my portable power supply for radio use. The battery I bought in Northern Ireland has been fitted into an ex-motorsport battery box, and a neat little distribution unit purchased from the guys inΒ  Manx Marine in Douglas has been mounted on the lid. Wiring up was simple – just a few crimped connectors (which I will get around to soldering eventually). I’ve connected up a CTEK Battery charger to the whole unit, so hopefully the battery will be ready at all times.

Quick pic for the curious……


I know – it’s not really high voltage! The wing nuts were left over from making my field target stand a few weeks ago, and the remainder of some cage nuts and bolts that I had laying around (M6) finish the box off quite nice while making access straight forward if I need to. Inside the box the battery connectors are the quick release type, and nice 2.5mm wire came from Bevan’s – the Marine Chandler in Peel.

It may have a few more tweeks yet – I was thinking of a cut out and maybe a voltmeter so I can keep an eye on charging levels, but for 10w or so from the rig it isn’t asking a huge amount.

I also managed to tidy up a fair bit of the work bench and shack desk… I may actually be operating radio again shortly!

Right – off to take my meds… let’s see if they stay down this time.

73 DC

Mid May Updates…

Not quite finished in the shack but it’s definitely getting there. Several trips to the local amenity site have made a hole in the storage side of the shed, also some ruthless sorting of “useful” gear has made a huge difference to space!

Some planning for future activities has been going on in the background, hopefully a report on all that soon but it should be fun (for a few of us at least!)

Radio wise I have had the President Lincoln working on 10m until evicted rather rudely from my operating position. Some people have no sense of awareness of others andΒ  would rather be rude and obnoxious. Karma is a marvelous thing though, their time will come.

Gun wise not much has changed. I have completed making a portable target holder and mini range. I can use it for air pistol/rifle and over longer distance for .22 rimfire and maybe (if I reinforce it a bit) for .17HMR – I will have to test that though!

My trailer is also about to get a refurb. It’s back from being loaned out and is now tucked away in one of my garages. My plan is to kit it out for a combination of shooting, camping and radio – I will take loads of pictures and hopefully put them on here.

As for now – back to my Saturday routine (with rain!) Take care

73 D


And now it’s May!

Been a busy few weeks here – getting the cobwebs blown out of the Elecraft KX3 and having a bit of a play on HF. I’m still planning on a few outings with this lttle radio this summer, maybe mixed with some kayaking and socialising with the “Geckos” on a beach or three for burgers and beer πŸ™‚

Other rigs have had a bit of attention – the Icom IC-7300 made a brief appearance on the desk in the shed, some tinkering with that and a new headset bought for contest use… Radiosport 60CF from Martyn Lynch & Sons. Comfort wise they must be the most comfortable thing I have ever worn (apart from a Shoei RF200 helmet when I was riding race bikes!) I think that the headset together with the IC-7300 will make a nice neat portable contest station πŸ™‚

The President Lincoln Mk.2 also had a bit of an airing. I’ve managed to find a mount for my 9 foot tank whip, so with a bit of luck and some nice weather that will soon be adorning the C4… the rig may actually get fastened in too – more of that in later posts though.

Other hobbies have been taking up some time too – my new Air Arms S-510 Extra FAC air rifle has been fitted with a lovely Optik 6-24 x 50 IR scope and high mounts… now I just need to set it up! I’ve been offered time at the Sinclair Range in St Johns, how can I refuse? I will also be taking my two bolt action guns – the Anschutch 14-17 0.22 and CZ-455 0.17HMR both need the optics re-setting so I think an afternoon in the sun is called for.

Right, time for more work. 73 for now!


Update – March ’17

Well somehow or other it’s now the middle of March and I still haven’t finished the shack 😦 I don’t seem to get a chance to get out there and do stuff at the moment, and as I’m away for a holiday shortly it doesn’t look like it will be finished this side of March.

No real rush to get things done as I don’t plan on doing any contests this side of summer (if we get a summer!) but hopefully I will get sorted and get back on the air to catch up with friends around the world.

Been a bit hectic at work lately, and other hobbies are taking up a bit more of my time than I ever imagined.

Coming off the IOMARS Committee was the best move I’ve made in a long time. Lets just say I don’t agree with the direction the club is going and a split is inevitable – that’s if it hasn’t already happened. It is a shame that people that I once trusted and considered my friends are being very stupid and can’t see what they are doing, but that’s life I suppose.

I don’t think I will make the NARSA Rally or the National Hamfest this year – I’ll have to see how it goes with work and other stuff. It’s always good at those events to catch up with my mates from GEARS in Northern Ireland, and several of the guys from LAM Co. etc. Maybe next year!

Right – away to do my chores and possibly sneak out to the shack… if the monsoon stops that we appear to be having this morning.

73 all D

Birthday Weekend…

I have a strange feeling that I won’t get a lot of radio done this weekend! As it’s my 50th birthday I have a feeling I will be otherwise engaged.

I’ve had loads of messages already from friends around the world (as far as Ramsey and Belfast!!) thank you one and all πŸ™‚

I have a nit of a do to go to tonight – organised by my bestie (and wife!) Rosemary. I can’t thank you enough for marrying me, you have always been there for me and words can’t express just how grateful I am xxxxx I love you to infinity and beyond!

Ahh well, one day she may see that post!!

Enough, for now – back soon, but birthday CD’s are taking priority right now πŸ™‚

73 D

New Look

Had a bit of a play last night with the page theme and a few other bits. WordPress has improved since I last meddled with the site design, but I found this one and quite like it!

Sidebar and footer have been really altered from the standard, and I think the links I’ve added enhance the info that was here.

Hopefully the site will have a bit more by way of alteration over the weekend… we will see!

Quite like the new WordPress app for Mac too – it makes this editing lark very user friendly with a WYSIWYG interface/preview pane. Much better than the old system πŸ˜‰

I could get used to editing this, maybe I should try to edit it three or four times a week and not just when the mood takes me. I’ll see how it goes for a week or two, and see if I get fed up hahaha.

Happy Friday!

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