My sentiments exactly! If the moaners don’t like the way that IOMARS is being run then either speak up and help sort out the problems, or vote with your feet!


I have been secretary since 2009 and I have had to put up with much moaning from some amateurs on the island on how the club is not as good as it could be.

Based on some negative comments yet again recieved about our lack of an internet presence and treatment of some amateurs web sites I have taken the decision to write the below…..

The current IOMARS committee have in my opinion had a hell of a time with a minority of people (both current and ex members) bad mouthing everything they do. Usually (in my experience) the worst detractors are older (in age)and often once held a committee position.
If we turn the clock back to the AGM of 2009 none of the detractors who are members wanted to help run and steer the society, since that date the committee has been re elected because no one else…

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  1. For those reading the link from the IOMARS site to my blog, I would like to point out that at times it is better to turn the other cheek. I will not be drawn into arguments via blogsites, Facebook or other electronic means. If someone has a problem either ring me or face me.

    If you want to air IOMARS dirty laundry in public that’s fine by me, but remember that I may too have items I wish to raise that may involve you or your actions -.- 🙂

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