Postage and Courier Charges

I’ve just bought an item off a well known Ham Radio Supplier in the south of England, via an internet auction site. For the last 30 minutes we have been arguing via email over the cost of postage to the island… the item I bought weighs a mere 2Kg… the cost of postage? £23!!!!

My arguement ran along the lines of, “I’ve just posted my Icom IC-7400 to Devon and its only cost me £24 with a courier… how are you getting the speaker to me  is someone carrying it here?” Their reply was that is the cost for non MAINLAND UK using their courier before 1pm service. I have replied again, stating “I’m not botered about 1pm, and nor am I too worried if it takes longer than a day.” After suggesting the try Parcel Force or Royal Mail they have come back with £12.05 for delivery.

Isn’t it funny what you can do when you try!! I’m disgusted at what some companies charge for P&P… anyway, rant now over 😉 hopefully the speaker will be here tomorrow!!!! lol


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