Pro-whip 80-6m rises


The Pro-whip is made from two 6 metre long roach poles, with the cable fed through the end points. A 9:1 balun is fitted at the centre mounting, which is made from two large PVC tubes and a piece of nylon ‘chopping board’ type material.

I hoisted it up on my 5m telescopic pole just to see what it is like size wise… it’s not too big, but fills the bottom half of the garden! SWR on all bands from 80-6m is below 4.5:1 so a rig with a tuner will have no problem at all tuning this antenna.

First impressions are quite good – on 40 m it made signals rise by at least 1 S unit, 20m was the same. On 17m more noise was most noticeable, but as the band was pretty quiet no signals were found. I’ll keep it up for the time being and hopefully make some more comparisons as the weeks go on.



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