UHF project Part 1 – bayed ZX Special Yagis…

My Icom IC-9100 is lacking decent antenna for 2m and 70cm. My plan is a relatively cheap install – a 7 element Jaybeam for 2m and two bayed (side by side) 12 element ZL Special Yagis (ex Moonraker). The theory is to mount them on a short pole near the shack, and have a small TV rotator to turn the array from inside the shack. That’s the theory, here’s some photographic evidence! 🙂


The tuning capacitor inside the driven element is rather large for the space…I’m sure I’ll get everything connected (eventually!)


Assembly of the yagis is pretty straightforward… two 8mm spanners and a pair of linesman pliers is all that is needed.


Parts check – the reflector is another folded dipole, these 10 elements are the director elements. All nicely numbered as the lengths vary considerably!


Both yagis assembled in record time – now for the little cross connection from box to box, and then to make a decent coupling / phasing harness.


Another shot of that huge capacitor! Grrrr…..


The two folded sections of the beam (the make it “Special”) lol


Assemble the pieces according to the instructions… simple – what could possibly be forgotten?

Coming soon – the cross wires, baying pole fix, phasing harness and rotator attachment.

Watch this space for another thrilling installment.


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