Mobile Radio and APRS


My new Yaesu FTM-350 installed in my car this weekend. Now to do some programming and get the aprs working 🙂

First impressions are that its a nice radio but poor volume.  I’ll play more later until I get it working as I would like.


5 thoughts on “Mobile Radio and APRS”

  1. It has a ‘stereo’ speaker output – if you’re using an external speaker – it will either be right, or left hand VFO (one quieter than other) – wire the tip and ring together, usng the barrel for ground – this will sort out the volume .

    The cable that comes with the rig (2 x phono to stero jack) – this is for a line-n from Ipod / MP3 player etc – don’t know why this was added as a ‘feature’ myself though!

  2. Hi Dave,

    If you press the ‘F’ button on lower right hand side the menu across the bottom of the screen will change, when you get to one that has ‘Beacon’ press the button underneath this until you see a small circle on the top of the right hand VFO (press it again it will have a dot in the middle) – just have it so the circle is there – this will switch the smart beaconing on, so will fire off packets with your position.

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