Schurr Profi II

Schurr Profi 2

Latest arrival in the shack is this beautiful key hand made by Schurr in Germany. Bought second hand from a local operator this is likely to be my main key on the IC-7700. After a small time playing and making some very minor adjustments to the feel of the key this is already my favourite!

The spiel on the Schurr website reads as follows:

“Regarded by many as simply the best paddle ever made, the Profi (Professional) II comes complete with tilt-open dust cover and connection cable. Large adjustment knobs for contact spacing and spring tension allow precision adjustment while preserving stability– a Profi II virtually never needs to be readjusted. Adjustments can be made by hand and there is no need to touch the locking screws. The contacts are convex, and gold plated. The hand-finished fingerpieces are shaped for maximum comfort while preserving precise control. The base, machined from a solid block of surgical-quality brass, is coated with a trade-secret polymer that resists wear, staining, and pitting over a lifetime of use.”

Weight: 52.9 oz.
Size: 5.5″x3.2″x2.3″

For further info regarding Schurr keys have a look at



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