New ears…


My new VHF/UHF/SHF Antenna farm… Discone and a vertical.


New Antenna for Fun Cube Dongle SE1300 Discone – bought on eBay for £45 including P&P. Seems very well built, and all components slotted together nicely. Even an N Type connector for the feeder… and yes I used and N Type plug instead of an adaptor for those who doubt me 😉


New vertical antenna for Airband reception is manufactured by TRS. This was lent to me by Steve Kelly GD7DUZ, and will hopefully receive some signals shortly 🙂

Update on the TRS antenna…. it’s deaf! My antenna analyser shows it resonant (just!) at 128MHz, 48 ohm. Not such a good idea, the discone is up 4 S-points on the vertical and so the TRS antenna is coming down and will be replaced with a 4m colinear from Moonraker.



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