Powerpole & Cable Stripping Kit


This kit came via Quick Silver Radio in the USA, where believe it or not the entire kit plus postage costs less than buying the crimping pliers alone in the UK.

I’ve spent this afternoon oiling and adjusting the pliers for a comfortable grip and hopefully a lot less strain! The kit comes complete with coax strippers for RG8, RG28, RG213 and the likes. Apart from altering the cutter depth to suit my stock of cable that’s all I’ve had to do.

The kit is supplied in a resin box – unfortunately no room for powerpoles to be stored in the box. But nonetheless there are interchangeable jaws for crimping hex sleeves etc. and a screwdriver in the box means you can change them on the fly if so required.

Another tool for the collection… who knows what will be next?!

Thanks to John at QSRadio for all the emails and info, and for getting the kit to me in a reasonable time 🙂


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