Elecraft KX3 – 4 metre transverter install


First things first – remove the two halves of the case


Put this half of the radio to one side – we will need it again later ;o)


After removing the antenna tuner the plug sealing the antenna socket (2m/4m) needs to be removed. It’s a bit of a tight space but with some gentle persuasion it eventually comes out. So far so good.


Next job – remove the filter board (if fitted) and put to one side.


Filter board removed, the antenna socket can just be seen (left of the capacitor) Micro connectors are very fiddly – I had to use a plastic pen to make the connector mate securely!


A closeup of the connector – with coax connected.


After a bit of fiddling and disconnection/reconnection of cables, the 4m transverter board can be fitted above the reinstalled antenna tuner. New spacers were installed to provide the required separation. The small piece of coax in the front right of the shot is the antenna connection to the transverter board.


Almost there! Everything checked for completeness, antenna cables routed around toroids and boards checked for tightness.


Shield fitted on to transverter board and marked as 4m.


Reattach front panel – the ribbon connector fits a lot better than some radios I’ve had apart! The battery connector was very fiddly and miniature pointy nose pliers came to good use 🙂


After a bit of menu twiddling and tweaking – result!! The KX3 repowered up with 70MHX (4m) transverter fitted and working. Next job will be to build up the 4m Innovantenna Beam which I bought last summer… you can’t rush these things ya know!!

Overall I reckon I spent a couple of hours at the bench installing the transverter. For me that was quite slow but bearing in mind how sore my hands are at the moment it’s acceptable. Hopefully sometime this week I will sort out an on air test.

73 all – thanks for reading 🙂


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