Digital Mobile Radio

Well I bit the bullet and bought some Digital Mobile Radios… I’ve opted for the Chinese manufactured Hytera radios, simply based on price and ease of programming/use.

To start with I bought the MP-685 hand portable. Very robust, and well, solid!! I’ve fitted the 4×4 with a MD-785 mobile radio. First impressions are WOW! Audio is so much better than amateur radios I’ve installed in the past.

Time will tell and hopefully following the installation of the two new DMR repeaters by Dave GD4HOZ and Ed GD6XHG we will have a decent spread of coverage over the island.

As I’m still off work recovering, I’m playing a little bit with radios and settings, so hopefully more to follow on this subject shortly 🙂



2 thoughts on “Digital Mobile Radio”

    1. TYT Handheld is excellent, and I must admit its easier to operate than the Hytera 😉 I’ve not heard you on air for a while so we must set up a digital net sometime for a chat. 73 for now D

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