Update – March ’17

Well somehow or other it’s now the middle of March and I still haven’t finished the shack 😦 I don’t seem to get a chance to get out there and do stuff at the moment, and as I’m away for a holiday shortly it doesn’t look like it will be finished this side of March.

No real rush to get things done as I don’t plan on doing any contests this side of summer (if we get a summer!) but hopefully I will get sorted and get back on the air to catch up with friends around the world.

Been a bit hectic at work lately, and other hobbies are taking up a bit more of my time than I ever imagined.

Coming off the IOMARS Committee was the best move I’ve made in a long time. Lets just say I don’t agree with the direction the club is going and a split is inevitable – that’s if it hasn’t already happened. It is a shame that people that I once trusted and considered my friends are being very stupid and can’t see what they are doing, but that’s life I suppose.

I don’t think I will make the NARSA Rally or the National Hamfest this year – I’ll have to see how it goes with work and other stuff. It’s always good at those events to catch up with my mates from GEARS in Northern Ireland, and several of the guys from LAM Co. etc. Maybe next year!

Right – away to do my chores and possibly sneak out to the shack… if the monsoon stops that we appear to be having this morning.

73 all D


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