And now it’s May!

Been a busy few weeks here – getting the cobwebs blown out of the Elecraft KX3 and having a bit of a play on HF. I’m still planning on a few outings with this lttle radio this summer, maybe mixed with some kayaking and socialising with the “Geckos” on a beach or three for burgers and beer 🙂

Other rigs have had a bit of attention – the Icom IC-7300 made a brief appearance on the desk in the shed, some tinkering with that and a new headset bought for contest use… Radiosport 60CF from Martyn Lynch & Sons. Comfort wise they must be the most comfortable thing I have ever worn (apart from a Shoei RF200 helmet when I was riding race bikes!) I think that the headset together with the IC-7300 will make a nice neat portable contest station 🙂

The President Lincoln Mk.2 also had a bit of an airing. I’ve managed to find a mount for my 9 foot tank whip, so with a bit of luck and some nice weather that will soon be adorning the C4… the rig may actually get fastened in too – more of that in later posts though.

Other hobbies have been taking up some time too – my new Air Arms S-510 Extra FAC air rifle has been fitted with a lovely Optik 6-24 x 50 IR scope and high mounts… now I just need to set it up! I’ve been offered time at the Sinclair Range in St Johns, how can I refuse? I will also be taking my two bolt action guns – the Anschutch 14-17 0.22 and CZ-455 0.17HMR both need the optics re-setting so I think an afternoon in the sun is called for.

Right, time for more work. 73 for now!



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