Mid May Updates…

Not quite finished in the shack but it’s definitely getting there. Several trips to the local amenity site have made a hole in the storage side of the shed, also some ruthless sorting of “useful” gear has made a huge difference to space!

Some planning for future activities has been going on in the background, hopefully a report on all that soon but it should be fun (for a few of us at least!)

Radio wise I have had the President Lincoln working on 10m until evicted rather rudely from my operating position. Some people have no sense of awareness of others and  would rather be rude and obnoxious. Karma is a marvelous thing though, their time will come.

Gun wise not much has changed. I have completed making a portable target holder and mini range. I can use it for air pistol/rifle and over longer distance for .22 rimfire and maybe (if I reinforce it a bit) for .17HMR – I will have to test that though!

My trailer is also about to get a refurb. It’s back from being loaned out and is now tucked away in one of my garages. My plan is to kit it out for a combination of shooting, camping and radio – I will take loads of pictures and hopefully put them on here.

As for now – back to my Saturday routine (with rain!) Take care

73 D



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