Middle of Summer!

Well that’s TT Week over (www.iomtt.com) and now back to normal on the islands roads. back to work for me too, after all I’m cruising soon so better put some work time in 🙂

I’ve actually had quite a productive weekend… a few jobs ticked off my list – it still hasn’t got much shorter though. I have finally completed (well, nearly!) my portable power supply for radio use. The battery I bought in Northern Ireland has been fitted into an ex-motorsport battery box, and a neat little distribution unit purchased from the guys in  Manx Marine in Douglas has been mounted on the lid. Wiring up was simple – just a few crimped connectors (which I will get around to soldering eventually). I’ve connected up a CTEK Battery charger to the whole unit, so hopefully the battery will be ready at all times.

Quick pic for the curious……


I know – it’s not really high voltage! The wing nuts were left over from making my field target stand a few weeks ago, and the remainder of some cage nuts and bolts that I had laying around (M6) finish the box off quite nice while making access straight forward if I need to. Inside the box the battery connectors are the quick release type, and nice 2.5mm wire came from Bevan’s – the Marine Chandler in Peel.

It may have a few more tweeks yet – I was thinking of a cut out and maybe a voltmeter so I can keep an eye on charging levels, but for 10w or so from the rig it isn’t asking a huge amount.

I also managed to tidy up a fair bit of the work bench and shack desk… I may actually be operating radio again shortly!

Right – off to take my meds… let’s see if they stay down this time.

73 DC


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