Well I arrived home from a two week cruise of the Baltic States aboard the Thomson Celebration to be greeted to a cheque… IOMARS have revoked my membership.

This came as no surprise, as I know there are several people on the Committee that wanted me kicked out as I seemed to have upset them with a previous comment here in March, one which I still stand by too!

The Committee have once again proved that they have no idea how a club should be run. Several committee members have been almost fanatical about me explaining myself… for what? The the tack changed to “you say you want no part in club activities, therefore you are contradicting the constitution…” the fact that there is nothing in the constitution that states that a member MUST attend any or all events seems to have slipped their minds.

It is also interesting that my wife has been kicked off the IOMARS Facebook page, a group page which encourages all people to join whether a member of the Society or not. I wonder why this is? It could be because there is a very twisted and bitter member on the committee that thinks it is unfair that she passed foundation licence – who knows?

The letters I have been sent by the club make very interesting reading – even with the spelling mistakes and poor grammar. I will scan them in and load them on here for people to make their own mind up about what has happened.

Does this all bother me? Absolutely not!! Do I lose anything by not being a member? Nothing at all. As I used to organise most of the Special Event Stations, meetings and visits then no, I actually gain more free time to myself.

A very sad bunch of individuals with some very strange ideas of how to encourage people into radio and keep old members. No wonder IOMARS has lost so many members over the years if this is the type of people that run “The Club’. A flexible constitution to be used as and when it suits.




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