It gets better and better… or not!

I have just found out that all members of IOMARS have been advised that I have been thrown out of the club for breaking the rules. Interestingly enough – even I don’t know what rules the are referring to!

Sad, pathetic and nasty are a few of the words I could describe this as. Maybe a trip to one of my several highly qualified legal friends is called for… or maybe I just not waste my time on such a bunch of losers…

Maybe I should start listing my reasons for resigning from the Committee back in January and naming publicly the people and my reasons? I wonder how that would go down?

As this is a “blog” it is of course my opinion, of which I am fully entitled. IOMARS Committee seem to think otherwise – well, as I am no longer a member of there special little club as long as my facts are correct (and trust me they will be) then so be it.

I will ponder for a while and maybe write more when my head isn’t spinning. The combination of prescription drugs and being seriously ill during our cruise isn’t too good at the moment.



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