Yaesu FTM-350
Yaesu FTM-350
Radio currently used by 2D0YLX and MD0MAN for APRS

This page is still a “work in progress”

There are several stations on the island with APRS enabled transceivers, and the idea of this page is to collate links to the sites for each operator, as well as give some background to the users/operators.

This is a screenshot of the typical old morning run to drop off my XYL at work in lower Douglas, and my return to my workplace on the outskirts of town… (click image to enlarge view)

APRS Screen Dump taken 29 October 2013
APRS Screen Dump taken 29 October 2013

A newer screen dump of the APRS screen taken from my new home to work “short” run…


To open a new page with APRS live data from me (2D0YLX-9) in the Isle of Man, please click on the icon below:


2D0YLX-7 Nissan X-Trail
2D0YLX-7 Nissan X-Trail


Other local stations on the island are:

  • 2D0YLX-7 David (Nissan 4×4)
  • GD7DUZ-9 Stephen (car/RV)
  • MD0MAN-9 Matty (car)
  • MD0MAN-7 Matty (handheld)
  • GD8BUE-9 Ian (car)
  • 2D0DRM Paul (static)
  • The list will be updated as more stations comeon line 🙂 Please call back to see further updates :)DC

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